Bitrate Computer Services

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Bitrate Computer Repair

This company has a simple concept

You get your computer fixed for $60.00. You don’t get an approximate or the run around … You pay $60.00 … Period

We don’t charge extra for data backup.We don’t charge extra to check the components inside your computer or to clean the interior of dust. It’s all included.It doesn’t matter if it’s one virus or ten, a slow computer or your computer won’t statrup, or any thing else for that matter …….. it’s always $60.00

If you need a part, we charge you cost … You pay what we pay and you get to see the invoice to prove it. We also have a one day turnaround policy, unless of course you need a part that I have to order.

I grew up on a farm and we know how to treat people … no hassles, no tech talk, just plain old fashioned good service from A+ Certified Tech. If that sounds like something you are interested in, give me a call.

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